Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A kiss is but a kiss..........How Time Goes By!

Several months have gone by and I cannot believe I have not updated the blog in such a long time. It’s almost embarrassing. Almost! In this period though, and not an excuse but a fact, I lost a whole group of pictures which I wanted to post on the blog. Alas, I was unable to retrieve them so I was disheartened to update the blog.

Many events have transpired but most rewarding was Catherine’s coming home, if only for a brief three weeks in June. Crammed into a few weeks before, during and after, numerous events had taken place which I hope to portray through pictures:

A visit to the met - Benin exhibit.

Springtime at home!

Weddings, graduation parties, a brief homecoming, more parties but most important, the birth of beautiful Ella!

I promise the next update will be sooner!

Miss you my dear - hope these will help bring back the days when you were home - how great that was! Soon you will be home again!

Love you!!!!