Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Day Between

Many things have transpired since our last update:  The Christmas Holidays are over and all the Christmas decorations are once again tucked away in the attic.  A new President has been sworn in (twice to be sure) and the hopes of the nation ride high that his administration will be able to take our nation out of its doldrums.  Between these two events our family had one also.  The Smiths had a gathering of the family at their beautiful home.  It was wonderful to see most of the family and enjoy great company, scrumptious food and drinks.  A highlight, as you know, was for everyone to speak with Catherine wishing she was with us.

The missing: Grandma was sick (why Grandpa is missing), so too Big Mike; the Busi’s were skiing and Chris and Aiden were at a wrestling match.

Here are some pictures from the event: