Friday, November 27, 2009

Events of Recent Past

Wow - time does fly by quickly. We went from Mom's birthday right through Thanksgiving 2009. It's great to know that all of these events you will be home to enjoy first hand soon - but not soon enough.

SO! In order of appearance: Mom's Birthday. (Bonnemaman's treat!) A long weekend in Vermont. (You know some people just have to bring school work - lol)! Ella's first party! (You would never know at such a young age she already has her mom and dad's talent to have such a lavish party!!!!) And just recent - Thanksgiving at Loretta's and Mike's! (What a feast it was - you can tell everyone was fully satisfied after partaking in such a repas.)

So my dear girl - these events shall be on your calendar next year - nes-pas?

Miss you and Love you to Mars and back!

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